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How To Build An Indoor Garden

Garden is an important area in the house. It has direct effect to aesthetic of the house. Normally, garden will be built at outdoor in the front or rear of the house however this thing can not implement if you live at skyscraper or apartment. In this case, an indoor garden will be the best choice for your house.

According to led grow lights reviews, it is not simple to build an indoor garden therefore below are some tricks to help you build an indoor garden properly and nicely.


Light is an important which you need to care if you want to build an indoor garden. Not all light is the same. Tree has different response with different color of light. Light at two heads of spectrum, blue light or red light are the light which has the largest effect to photosynthetic process of tree therefore you can use the lights to create artificial light to build an indoor garden.

Blue light is also called fresh light with effect to encourage development of leaves therein; red light on other head of spectrum will cause a hormonal reaction to create flowers for the tree therefore if you want to plant flowers in your garden then you will have to use lamp with red light to encourage development of flowers for tree.

Normally, lamp with orange and red light will create heat when shining however some lamps can create whole light of spectrum without causing heat therefore you can choose them if high temperature make you uncomfortable. Finally, you need to know that light is very important to development of the tree and artificial light can help you build an indoor garden with vegetable, tree, herb if you know how to install and use light properly.


There are many different lamps which can be used for indoor planting. They have difference about size, shape and price. Size of them is very diversity from small to large therefore you should choose size of lamp depending on acreage of your garden. Price of them is also diversity – it will depend on many factors such as size, brand and type of lamp. Basically, there are three main lamps which can be used to provide artificial light for your indoor garden including led grow light, fluorescent and high pressure sodium.

Firstly is high pressure sodium. Formerly, high pressure sodium is popular choice of many people when they want to plant in the house. It will provide more light as well as temperature to help for development of tree however they will consume much energy and efficiency of it is not high. Next is fluorescent. It is an effective choice for you. A fluorescent will have high lifespan (normally fluorescent can operate about 20.000 hours).

Light of fluorescent is usually blue light at the end of spectrum. As mentioned above, blue light is very helpful for development of leaves. In addition, blue light also encourages growing of tree. Fluorescent can also provide red light of spectrum to encourage development of flowers. You can use compact fluorescent that is a special type of fluorescent. It can increase 3 times amount of light of fluorescent without needing to increase power.

Finally is led grow light. Led grow light is a special type of led light. It is not designed as normal led light – it is designed with feature to create the light which is similar as sunlight to encourage for photosynthetic process of tree. Led grow light is the most modern light for indoor planting. It is manufactured with the newest technologies therefore efficiently of it is higher than other lights.

According to researches, tree can just absorb about 20% light created by high pressure sodium or fluorescent therein it can absorb about over 90% light created by led grow light therefore today, led grow light has become favorite choice of many people for indoor planting. Led grow light is designed to create blue light, red light, orange light and more (even some products can create whole light of spectrum) therefore led grow light can be considered the best choice if you want to find an artificial light to build an indoor garden.