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How To Purchase The Ceramic Cookware For Families

There is no doubt that the ceramic is the common material used to make the furniture, especially the cookware. The ceramic utensils are more durable; better retain heat better and the advantage of cheaper prices. Here are some of the criteria you should consider for choosing the best ceramic cookware for the entire family.  

Interested in the material of utensils: Ceramic or porcelain?

Although ceramics and porcelain are two different materials, many people often confuse the two materials. Compared with the ceramic, the porcelain pottery is more beautiful, more durable, better waterproof, retain heat better, and also look more luxurious. However, the cost of porcelain is more expensive than ceramic. So some products such as bowls, cups, plates,  which are the things used frequently and need durability, heat-trapping material, you should choose the porcelain. If there are the flower pots, vases, jars, jar, then you can also choose to an inexpensive ceramic material, without the need to keep the heat.

Interested in glazes on products

Although there are products made of ceramic or porcelain, you also need to consider the enamel on the surface of the product. Glaze must be glossy, beautiful without cracks and crow’s feet. on the surface of the product appears the rough layer, glaze mixture, you should be careful because these products do not last long, a time will fail or you will get bored. In addition, external glaze is also one of the factors shows that the quality of the product, which has been produced with care and professionalism.

For ceramic products with patterns

Currently, a lot of ceramic products are decorated decal with beautiful and eye-catching. However, as well as clothes, though the types of ceramic are colorful patterns, it exists a potential risk to human health.

If the pattern is kept in bright colors when baked, the ceramic and porcelain will only be heated to a low temperature (1000 degrees C), the lower firing temperature will save the cost, but the quality products are not good, they are very fragile, easy to fade. Besides, the lead (pb) in the decal is easy to go with food and drinking water in the body humans, causing extremely negative impact on health.

The Origin of ceramic cookware

Currently on the market, there are a lot of manufacturers of ceramic utensils such as China.  The advantage of these products from China are usually cheap, colorful, eye-catching. However, these products should only be used for display, even if used for drinking, you should reconsider.

The cost of the product

One of the many criteria most concerned about is the cost of product. The costs relate to many factors, ceramic or porcelain material, product origin, product sophistication, etc. You should choose depending on the criteria of using to select the cookware accordingly.

Try safety of ceramics by vinegar

You should know that if cookware is heated under the non-standard temperature, the amount of lead is very high and will directly affect the health of the users. However, manufacturers often use this way to reduce the cost of producing the ceramic cookware. To be able to identify the product whether the purchased product still remains metal or not, really safe or not, you can use vinegar.

The method is very simple, you just need to prepare a little vinegar, pour into ceramic items, if they show the signal of white color or vinegar discoloration, surely it has the chemical reaction between heavy metals and acids in vinegar, and this proves that the product you buy is not really safe.

Determine the terracotta of ceramic cookware by using water

You can also know whether your wares are sufficiently baked or not, just by the simple way, using the water. Pour a little water into the unglazed of bowls, plates, mugs, ceramic (most are located at the base site). If the bowls, plates or cups quickly absorbs water, it means these utensils are not hot enough bone terracotta.

Some note for you is that you should not pickle in glazed ceramic items as well as food storage for a long time in ceramic glaze that you are not clear of the type of the yeast. Besides, you should not continue to use widgets with quickly worn enamel.