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Some basic tips for gardening work

Green space is becoming a new trend in each family’s house. Every family surely would like to own a beautiful, fresh garden which can be not large. Besides, gardening work can also reduce the tension when we consider it as one kind of entertainment, so you do not forget to take care of them to your garden are always lush and pretty. You just need to buy best push lawn mover, you can make your lawn tidy but do not use your strength much. Working as a gardener for several years, I would like to suggest some useful following tips which not only make your garden more beautiful, but also help the plants in your garden fresher!

  1. Consider to the seed’s quality

If your seeds are new, which have just been bought for few days form the store or market, it does not a matter, you can grow them right. However, if you have old seed for a long time and you do not want to waste them (because you still be afraid of whether they can grow up or not, you should check them before you grow. How? Do not worry, there is a very simple way to know whether you’re wasting time on these old seeds or not by using napkins paper. In details, you just put moist napkin in somewhere warm such as putting on the roof of your dryer machine or on the widow’s side. Put a few nuts on this and keep track of what happens to the seeds that in a few days. If you see germination, then take out the remaining seeds sown slowly. And if they do not change anything, it is time to leave them. This is not only simple way to save time but also help you save both your fund as well.

  1. Make use of toilet paper core

It will be an amazing idea if we use toilet paper cores to make a pot for holding little trees. You can sow the seeds into the toilet rolls which are put soft soil and seeding inside, then you have to put them in light place and sunshine can reach. Now, you just wait for the tree growing up a bit and bring them the garden. It is so easy, right!

  1. Wheel rims can be beautiful flowerpots

It is too waste to buy new pots for growing trees, you can use old rims as pots, instead of. For some one, they are useless, but do not throw away. Why do not you try turn them into gorgeous flower pots? To have a new pot, you need to repaint the outside of the rims, and then put a pads containing soil to ensure that no soil can drop downward. Next, you use glue to attach the colorful stones, or pieces of tiny flower tiles to create its new face as you like. And finally, you just put trees on them. The hole in the rim can also make drainage, or do not make water stagnant in the tank plant, which cannot cause flooding the plants, even when it rain heavy or when you miss overwatering.

  1. Coffee ground filter Paper

This is not a new idea, but very useful and you should try once to see how it work. Every time you move plants into new pots, we feel annoying when land in the pot fall all over the floor. Sometimes, furthermore, you find the flower pots hung on the wall of the terrace lack little land through in the ground under them there are a lot of soil. What we can do to deal with the problem such as avoid the flooding in pots, or soil falling to the floor? The solution is here: you just put the coffee ground filter paper in the bottom of the pots, and put land on it later. This kind of paper not only a waterproof layer that can help water can come out via very small holes, but also prevent land from dropping down when you water the plants. This is so great!

From these information, you can apply some of them to practice in your garden effectively. Gook luck!