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The Usage Of Air Compressor In Many Fields

After a long period of inactivity compressor or after each working day should plant engineering cleaning machine to ensure continuous operation no damage occurs.

Each compressor components need to be cleaned daily to ensure operating cycle is not interrupted thereby ensuring the production schedule. You can refer at air compressor reviews

1.The air filter air compressor

The air filter is formed by dry paper filter and the purified intermediate between 10μ, so the filter must be removed and cleaned every day. While cleaning up the low gas pressure used to blow dust and small particles the inside of the filter, price filter air compressor on a force sensor was installed when the device is lit, the air filter should be cleaned or replaced.

2. Filter oil

Oil filter is a filter paper background, the main function is to filter all the dirt in the oil, such as metal particles, dirt, dirty … the oil refining is 10μ, so the compressor oil filter protection is good for bearings and rotor. Oil pressure indicator deviation above shows the oil filter should be replaced or need to clean filter, if the position indicator means that oil should be replaced muffled, with a new air compressor candles oil filter change after 500 hours of operation. If large pressure deviation without oil filter change will lead to insufficient oil supply makes the machine self-operation or shorten the life of bearings.

3. Oil Separators

The shell of the compressor oil separator filter is composed of multiple layers of fiberglass, after passing through the separation of oil vapors in the air can under 0.1μ filter. The lubrication quality and the level of environmental pollution installation work great influence on the life of the compressor, usually if operated in normal conditions the lifespan of oil separation of about 3000 – 4000 hours.

4. The cooling system compressor

The system consists of fan, this fan takes in air from the outside of the wing blowing in the wing of a safe, cooling radiators, in which the heat exchanger with compressed air and oil.

Explore the use of compressors in the production process

Air compressors are one of the important inventions of the human to help improve and enhance the productivity of the product. Thanks to this invention helps promote engineering automation industry flourished, so the compressor is widely used in many different fields. Along learn the use of compressors for the manufacturing industry.

Air compressors are widely used in various industries. Thanks to this invention which helps promote engineering automation industry flourished, so the compressor is widely used in many different fields.

5. In the mining sector

In the mining sector, the type of compressor to be used as the shock device. The equipment is used extensively in the field of coal mining or the construction works such as mines, tunnels, coal mining tunnels, mines…

In the field of control: automation engineering flourished in the mid-20th century with the advent of air compressors create a new milestone for this industry. Compressors are used a lot in different fields including the field of control.

Compressors are used in control systems of devices such as spray paint, clamps, plastic or electronic components and equipment. The use of compressors in this environment is good and safe. In addition the control system by the air compressor is also used extensively in the transmission equipment, freight of the boiler equipment, automated production line packaging, chemicals.

In the field of direct transmission:

Because of air compressors principles apply direct pressure transmission gas so in the field of automation and manufacturing for automotive braking applications and technologies.

  • In the field of rotary actuator

The cost of the use of high-capacity compressor with rotary actuator is relatively large. However, if you compare the energy use of the compressor compared to an electric motor, the power consumption cost of a spindle motor with candles and gas energy 15 times higher than the electric motor.

To choose to be a good air compressor you need to calculate the actual capacity of the machine because it affects your production needs. If you do not calculate the capacity of the machine work, while the use of machines in production without using more power, it will cause wastage due to leakage. Choosing to buy a cheaper air compressor old but still good result is not simple, because sometimes people take that cheap to buy poor quality goods affect the production process