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What Are The Strong Benefits Of The Car Starter?

In the modern life, using the car is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it can assist the people become more and more convenient when moving on the road. Based on the demand of the users, the car manufacturer has launched into the market the car starter in order to help the car user to control their car quickly. This section will spend time to cover the great benefits of car starter.

It cannot be denied that the car starter is quite easy for the use to operate. By only pressing on the button, the users can be able to lock or unlock the car easily.

The Benefits Of Using The Car Starter

It can be said that this type of machine can bring many benefits for customers during use. With this system, users do not need to touch the keys still can use one car comfortably and safely, very simply carry the key with you.

The device can be able to help the user become more comfortable It is said that one of the most outstanding features of the car starter is that it can be able to operate without the keys. As a result, it helps the users save a lot of time to look the key and then switch it into the lock.

Review About The KOS Car Starter

Smart key (KOS – Keyless Operation System) on the Mitsubishi Mirage consists of 2 main functions. There is no need for you to use the key and push-button start when you want to lock or even open not. In addition, the car starter system is integrated anti-theft encryption function: only registered keys to new car can start the engine in order to enhance anti-theft vehicles.

There are 2 lock button placements / opening is in the driver’s door and the back door. What the users have to do is just carry the key with them, customers can lock / unlock the car door by pressing the button on the driver’s door or the back door.

How To Get The Notification Signals When Locking / Opening:

When unlocking the door: the signal will flash 2 times. When locking the door, the light will flash one time. The position of the opening as well as pressing button is designed from the outside  This function helps the driver start or stop the engine, turn on / off the electrical system on the car without touching the key.

Actions To Start / Stop The Engine:

Start the engine: press the START / STOP ENGINE 1 time and brake pedal. Should you remember that the vehicles can only start when they satisfy the following requirements?

  • The keys inside the car
  • The vehicle stop
  • Lever in position P or N
  • Brake

It is important for you to turn off the engine when the engine is operating. In order to turn off the engine, the driver needs to press and hold the START / STOP ENGINE. Turn off the engine in an emergency: Press and hold the START / STOP ENGINE more than 5 seconds or press repeatedly button START / STOP ENGINE.

Turn on / off the electrical system on the car using the following procedure (the keys in the car):

+ Electrical systems on the car will move sequentially OFF -> ACC -> ON -> OFF after each time you press the START / STOP ENGINE (when not braking).

+ Lights on the button START / STOP ENGINE will notice the power system mode:

  • ACC: Orange
  • ON: Green

The Note When Using The Smart Key System:

– If you press the unlock button from the outside but do not open the door, after 30 seconds, the car will automatically lock the door.

– When the engine is started the engine, if given the keys out of the car, the system will honk to warn.

– Intelligent Key system can operate in the region unstable electromagnetic interference.

– Even the keys come from the car 70cm, if the key is set too high or too low compared with the buttons is also likely not lock / unlock button on the door by door.

– Function of the key for opening will not work when: there is in the car key / or the door is not closed / or vehicle is not in OFF mode or start the engine.

– Mirage car keys under the CVT will include two categories: The key with remote control button (1) and keys without remote control button (2) include mechanical locking behold (3) (key agencies will be used to open mechanical locks on the side door to the right side car – key should be used only in an emergency facility or main keys out of battery). Each set of keys can attach one key code, save this number to be able to easily re-keyed when the incident takes keys.